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Project Number: 618802-EPP-1-2020-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Timeline: 2021-2025

The project aims at rethinking education in humanities in Mongolia in line with European standards, research and practices to catch up with the latest trends of the labor market by adopting digital methods of research and education.

ARTEST sets the following objectives:

1. to develop innovative education methodology that combines methods of humanities, digital humanities and STEM;

2. to equip HEIs’ teachers with innovative European methods and facilitate their professional growth;

3. to develop and launch multi-disciplinary Master degree programme with international student exchange opportunities;

4. to create Digital Lab (virtual platform) for international small-scale projects aimed at preserving and promoting cultural heritage;

5. to promote innovations in humanities reinforced by STEM methods and tools via collaboration with the labor market and joint small-scale projects of the Digital Lab.


ARTEST project proposes to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Methodological online manual 

2. Training materials for local workshops based on the training sessions in the EU and online manual

3. Multidisciplinary MA programme with international exchange opportunities

4. Agreements on cooperation, internships and placements with museums, galleries and other institutions of culture

5. International Digital Laboratory

6. Students exchange course within the MA programme

7. Research papers and promotional articles

Master's programs worldwide on Digital Humanities